Discover how to design more engaging and effective meetings or events today with help from leading corporate trainers and education professionals.

How can you design meetings, events, and special occasions to be more engaging, boost learning and retention, and more effectively drive employee motivation and engagement? We recently spoke with Northstar Travel Media on several occasions to offer event planners a roadmap to rethinking the shape of event content and programming. You can find out more at the following links:

- How to Design More Engaging Meetings and Events

- Corporate Training and Development: How to Grab and Keep an Audience's Attention

- A Futurist's Guide to Event Planning and Audience Engagement

Looking for more insights into meeting and event programming strategies? In addition to checking out our new book FUN AT WORK, we also recommend having a look at Northstar's Travel Academy virtual events certification course, which FUN AT WORK co-author Scott Steinberg serves as a video host and corporate trainer for.