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    Leadership + HR Strategy Reinvented: Motivate and Inspire Employees

    10X Productivity Now! Discover How to Boost Creativity and Innovation

    The Future of Work is Here

    From hiring and retaining top talent to unleashing your creativity and ability to innovate or adapt to industry change, FUN AT WORK™ reveals how to create a roadmap to success using the transformative power of play.

The New Business Management Playbook for Leaders At Every Level

Learn how to effectively lead, motivate, and inspire tomorrow's workforce - and adapt to whatever tomorrow holds today.

FUN AT WORK reveals how to unlock creativity, unleash innovation, and design the workplace of the future. From building better workforce strategies and HR solutions to creating a corporate culture of excellence, it explains how to build a business and brand that employees and customers will adore.

Offering a fresh and inspired take on leadership, it explains how to:

• Lead, Inspire, and Motivate a Next-Generation Workforce

• Unlock Creativity and Innovation in Your Business

• Build an Award-Winning Workplace and Working Model

• Recruit and Retain Tomorrow’s Leaders

• Adapt to Ongoing Change and Disruption

• Reimagine the Shape of Corporate Culture

• Craft Winning HR Strategies and Solutions



Inside FUN AT WORK, you won’t just discover how to craft winning HR strategies and create more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workspaces. You’ll also learn how to radically boost organizational output and performance − not to mention increase employee motivation and engagement.

Brought to you by Professor of Play David Thomas, and Scott Steinberg, the world’s leading business strategist, FUN AT WORK reveals the core business principles and practices that you need to implement to deliver game-changing workforce strategies – and explains how to lead these initiatives.


Meet the Author

David Thomas

David Thomas,PhD is a scholar of fun. David regularly speaks and conducts workshops on the topic of fun at work.

His field of study focuses on fun — the aesthetics of fun, the value of play, fun in the workplace, and the design of fun places and objects. For almost 20 years he worked as a professional game journalist writing for local and national outlets, including the Denver Post, Electronic Gaming Monthly, Wired and Edge Magazine. He is currently working on an academic book about fun in architecture (titled Ludic Form for Architects) and continues to research the value of fun and play in the workplace. In his role as the Executive Director of Online Programs at the University of Denver, he also has ample opportunity to practice what he preaches. To connect with David, you can visit his website today.


About Scott Steinberg

Award-winning futurist and keynote speaker Scott Steinberg is a bestselling expert on change, leadership, and innovation who's served as a consultant and thought leader for over 1500 of today's best-known brands. Hailed as the World’s Leading Business Strategist, and one of today's Top 25 Consultants, he's a #1-ranked professional speaker and the bestselling author of over 25 books including Think Like a Futurist; Make Change Work for You: 10 Ways to Future-Proof Yourself, Fearlessly Innovate, and Succeed Despite Uncertainty; and Fast >> Forward: How to Turbo-Charge Business, Sales, and Career Growth. His website is www.FuturistsSpeakers.com



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