Find out how new workforce and HR strategy models can help you future-proof your organization.

The future of work is already here in many ways. But in a time of growing disruption, and increasingly hybrid and remote business solutions, what will the shape of tomorrow's working world hold? As we explain in FUN AT WORK, the role that leaders, managers, and physical offices will play as sources of inspiration, motivation, and achievement going forward is rapidly changing. Below, you'll find a number of helpful articles, videos, and resources that provide more insight:

- What Will the Future of Work Hold? - A Consulting Futurist's Take

- Workforce Trends and Workplace/HR Strategy: How Your Business Can Adapt

- Meet the Future of Corporate Training, Education, and Professional Development

- How to Future-Proof Your Business Against Disruption

Curious what other changes that executive leaders and enterprises will need to make to adapt to the fast-changing future of work? We discuss these topics further in new book FUN AT WORK, and Scott Steinberg regularly touches on them at his keynote speaking and consulting industry website.